CEEPUS’ AutoAuto

Concept and activities for an Automotive Research and education cluster in central and eastern Europe


An important objective of the European Union in connection with CEEPUS’ region is to connect the region and to foster competitiveness and the knowledge society in the region, in order to achieve cohesion in the European Union. Therefore, European Union passed three macro-regional strategies that have one in common: the objective to connect the region they refer to, to support the development of the knowledge-based society and to raise the competitiveness of the region.

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Joint Research Centre of the European Commission has run an overview of the most promising of perspective fields for the development of the Danube region and the result showed that automotive industry and ICT belong among the top three fields.


Teach the developed knowledge from research in third cycle studies


Jointly conduct research in the field of autonomous vehicles


Transfer the knowledge to the the automotive industry


The partners of the network Autonomous Vehicles Universities (AutoAuto) recognise the relevance of the field of autonomous vehicles for the development of the region and are already active in the respective fields of science and teaching contained in this area.