CEEPUS‘ AutoAuto

Through their universities, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe are positioning themselves in the new value-added chains of global automobile production. The educational network CEEPUS, which includes 15 countries in the region, is seeking intensive communication with the international automotive industry for ambitious research and development projects at universities. In the automotive trade fair „Automotive Hungary“ from 17 to 19 October 2018, edubiz will be presenting the CEEPUS initiative „AutoAuto“ and selected projects on the future of mobility.

Dialogue with the industry

In Budapest, therefore, the educational network CEEPUS seeks dialogue with the international automotive industry. It has also invited the universities, which are working on research projects on the future of vehicle and mobility throughout the region, to Budapest to attend the conference and take advantage of networking opportunities with industry. „We want the impulses coming from research and teaching in the region to reach the industrial companies very quickly“, says Elisabeth Sorantin, CEEPUS‘ secretary-general. The dialogue format edubiz, which took place in Budapest for the first time in 2017, aims to stimulate the exchange and networking between the education sector and companies.

A research network for autonomous driving

Already on October 16, 2018, a transnational coordination meeting of the CEEPUS network „AutoAuto“ will take place in Budapest. Its focus is in the field of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving.“We expect an expanded potential for innovation through closer and cross-border coordinated cooperation of the various subprojects“, Elisabeth Sorantin describes the initiative.

AutoAuto’s partners currently include the coordinating University of Maribor, Graz University of technology, Budapest BME, ELTE, THE University of Montenegro, universities in Gliwice, Poznan and Krakow, as well as Novi Sad, Lubljana and Zagreb. The coordination of research projects should also accelerate the transfer of knowledge into teaching and in the respective „ecosystems“ of the industry. All partners of the network already cultivate intensive cooperation with each other and are involved in European research and funding projects. CEEPUS also wants to support the academic and personal exchange between the individual universities.

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17 - 19.10.2018 Automotive Hungary

Organized by Hungexpo
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17 - 19.10.2018 Automotive - Techtogether

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16.10.2018 Edubiz symposium

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  • AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY is an exhibition at HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center with over 235 exhibitors from 15 countries and a record number of almost 10,000 professional visitors
  • Major business forums are held simultaneously by exhibitors, in which major global brands such as Daimler, AUDI and Bosch are involved. The 2018 event will take part between 17 and 19 October.
  • Central and Eastern European [CEE] is a hub for automotive production on a global scale. One of the major challenges for global manufacturers and suppliers is the availability of skilled workforce. Corporate education and qualification are one of the main topics to be discussed.







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